The character of God is the focus of true worship. A believer’s personal worship becomes consistent with God’s character through faith. And by faith we seek to give to God what is acceptable. The truth as revealed in the Word of God will be the basis of the worshiper’s knowledge and will therefore shape His worship of God. No one can worship God without the interceding of the Holy Spirit who knows the hearts of man and the mind of God. When believers gather in one body to worship God they seek to hear as one person the word of God. Our response then to true worship is obedience through faith. The quality of worship will always be based on our heart’s position towards God and less about our abilities and talents we may use to worship God. As worship shifts focus from God to technology, we lose sight of God’s character. As worship moves from our response to God revealing His character to emotion desires, we will find less of God in our worship and more of a shallow, short lived worship event rather than being an outpouring of our saving relationship with God through Jesus.